What is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing is the art of capturing your target market without paying for advertising and/or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While your mind might jump immediately to an image of a viral post, organic marketing usually generates traffic to your business over time (although a viral post would most definitely supercharge your organic marketing efforts!).

Organic marketing involves connecting with your audience in a raw, grassroots way, encouraging engagement and conversion. By presenting valuable information or a solution to a problem, organic marketing builds a relationship of trust, goodwill and loyalty with your customers.

How Does Organic Marketing Work?

Instead of paying to advertise TO your customers, organic marketing shares valuable content WITH your customers, encouraging them to come to you to find out more. The goal of organic marketing is to attract customers to your website by providing a solution to their problem.

It’s a powerful way to prove relevance and build trust from your very first interaction. This approach helps your customers feel more connected to your business, solves a real problem and increases the chance they will purchase from you.

What Does Organic Marketing Look Like?

Any piece of content that you aren’t paying for more reach is considered to be organic. So, organic marketing comes in many forms, including blog posts, case studies, infographics, guest posts, social media updates, free downloads and emails.

While it can take time to build your organic marketing strategy, once in place, organic marketing creates permanent traffic sources to your website. Some examples include optimised text content, links to guest posts and social media links back to your website.

Strategies for Organic Marketing Success

It’s important to have a clear strategy for organic marketing. Just throwing random information out into the interwebs isn’t going to get you far! To achieve success, it’s vital to understand the answer to these two questions:

Who is your ideal customer?

Do you know who your ideal customer is? Do you understand their habits and behaviours, how they get information, know their pain points and have a way to solve them?

How does your ideal customer find you?

Do they rely on review sites, social media or use online search to find businesses like yours? What keywords or hashtags do they use?

Once you have an answer for these questions, you can develop a more effective content strategy to meet these needs.

Stop relying on paid advertising to bring traffic back to your website.

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Tools for Organic Marketing Success


Create valuable, optimised content so your audience can find solutions to their problems. Over time, your content will appear when people search for a related term, bringing traffic your way. Mix up your content with blog posts, videos, infographics, checklists and eBooks.

Guest Posts

If your audience gets their information from an industry site or influencer, see if you can guest post on their site to get in front of your target market. Ensure your post links back to your website to boost traffic and create extra value for visitors when they come your way.

Social Media

Share your content on social media to bring new traffic to your business. Research when your audience is most active on social media and schedule posts accordingly, to get the most bang for your buck. Make your content is shareable and relatable to get the most reach.

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