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Improve organic traffic & conversions with this 5-day website challenge by Naked Digital.
28 March – 1 April 2022
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Fix your website in just 5 days! Seriously?

You betcha!

Over 5 days, I’ll help you take control of your digital shopfront (AKA your website) to increase organic traffic and conversion rates.

Here’s how it works. The challenge is broken into specific topics for each of the 5 days to give you bite sized and actionable goals to work towards every day. Below is what we cover during the challenge. Once you register, you will get immediate access to the content and topics for all 5 days. Binge away, or go at your own pace – up to you.

As always, you won’t find any hook, catch or upsells. That’s not my style. Each video is action-oriented and self-paced, so you can apply as you learn.

You will also get access to the Q&A recordings from the last live challenge.

The nitty gritty...

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Who will benefit from the 5-day website challenge?

Meet your website wrangler

Hi! I'm Desiree.

I’m an organic marketing specialist and self-confessed website geek, and I want to help you to improve your website so it works harder for you and your small business.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many business owners struggle to make headway with their websites. The truth is, a few tweaks here and there is often all you need to see traffic and conversions soar.

With an optimised website, there’s no need to spend thousands on paid ads. With my help, you can optimise your website so it works for you 24/7 – without having to up your advertising spend.

Join me as we work together to optimise your website in just 5 days, or go at your own pace.

I’m excited – are you?


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