Your guide to Australian small business grants

For small business owners knee-deep in the everyday slog of work, the idea of free money is a dream. After working so hard for so long, surely it’s not possible to get a cash boost without taking out a loan or selling part of the business to investors?

Well, it is possible, thanks to small business grants!

Small business grants are regularly offered by each level of government in Australia. These funding programs are designed to take the pressure off by helping you build your skills or access professional services – for free.

From website design to online training, small business grants in Australia are your ticket to levelling up your business for less. But saving money isn’t the only benefit you’ll get by accessing a government grant.

Benefits of government grants for small businesses


We’ll start with the obvious one first. Yes, there are real financial benefits to accessing small business grants. With a grant you can afford to build that new website, learn those marketing skills or seek professional business advice without spending a cent. Imagine how far that could take you?


Going through the grant application process gives you the opportunity to fully evaluate your business. By developing a business plan and identifying your brand positioning, you can strengthen your business and get set for future success. Think about the edge you could get in your market! 


Securing a government grant is a vote of confidence in your business. Once you’ve withstood the rigours of a government process, you know you’re on the right track. And others will take notice too. Consider the trust and goodwill you could generate by advertising your success in a grants process?

How to find Australian small business grants

This is the tricky part. With multiple Commonwealth and state government agencies offering different grants, finding the right program for your business can take time. With the pandemic ravaging large parts of the economy, there are more opportunities than ever to apply for funding to build up your capabilities.

Unfortunately, there is no one place that lists every grant available (of course, that would be too easy!). To help simplify things, we’ve included links to the main Commonwealth and state sites so you can check out the latest grants being offered by each government jurisdiction.

Where to find Commonwealth government grants

Business.gov.au – Grants and programs finder

Austrade – Understanding government support programs in Australia

Where to find state government grants

New South Wales



Australian Capital Territory


South Australia

Northern Territory

Western Australia

Tips for applying for small business grants in Australia

Ensure you are eligible

Don’t waste time applying for a grant that you are not a good fit for. Read the grant information carefully and only apply if you truly meet all the criteria.

Provide all required information

If you don’t answer every question or supply all the required documentation, your application may not even be read. Ensure you submit complete and accurate information.

Plan ahead & apply early

Due to the sheer amount of applications, some grants close within hours of opening. Be ready before the due date so you can apply as soon as applications open.

Have a clear business plan

To be successful you’ll need to demonstrate how the grant will benefit your business. Having a clear business plan will make it easier to prove this in your application.

Tailor your application

Don’t be tempted to write one application and use it to apply for multiple grants. Tailor each application for each grant. If your application is not specific, you’ll have less chance of success.

Seek outside advice

Ask people outside your business to help you answer tricky grant questions – as impartial observers they can give you a different point of view. Professional grant writers can also help.

Latest government grants for business

Have a look at the latest government grants for small businesses below. This list will be updated as new grants are announced.

May 2022

Business Basics Grant (NOW CLOSED)

The Queensland Government provides specific support for the small business sector through the Big Plans for Small Business Strategy. The Business Basics grants program (Program) provides support to businesses to increase core skills and adopt best practices.

The Program is competitive, meaning that applications are competitively assessed against the assessment criteria and not all applications will be funded.

Applicants can apply for funding for grant-funded activities in one of five priorities:

  1. Training and coaching
  2. Website build/upgrades
  3. Professional business advice
  4. Strategic marketing services
  5. Business continuity and succession

The expected outcomes of the grants program are to:

  • increase confidence for business owners across core skills;
  • boost turnover, profit, and employment; and
  • improve business survivability and resilience.

For this round, there are two funding streams based on what Local Government Area (LGA) eligible businesses are headquartered. These LGAs are grouped into either South East Queensland or regional Queensland. If successful, applicants will receive upfront fixed grant funding of $5,000 (excluding GST). Successful applicants do not have to co-contribute to this grant; however successful applicants must pay for any related expenses in excess of the $5,000 grant funding.

To be eligible to apply for this grant, the business must:

  • have fewer than 20 employees (by headcount);
  • be operating and have an active Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • be registered for GST;
  • have a Queensland headquarters and an operating address in the relevant funding stream;
  • have an expected turnover of $300,000 or less for the current financial year;
  • not have been approved for funding under an earlier round of Business Basics;
  • have owners/directors that are not undischarged bankrupt;
  • and be solvent.


How Naked Digital can help with the grants process

Many small business grants in Australia help business owners improve their online presence, covering training, website design & development, professional business advice and more. As digital marketing experts, Naked Digital can help you get the most from your grant to help your business grow.

To support your application, we provide a detailed quote setting out our costs and services. Experts in new site builds, website redesign, site audits, copywriting and email marketing, we help you make the most of your funding and position your business for growth.

From online training and support to custom website services, our goal is to help your service or product-based business grow your reach, improve your bottom line and unlock your potential.

Stop relying on paid advertising to bring traffic back to your website.

Our handy guide contains actionable tips you can implement so that you don’t have to rely solely on paid advertising. Download the Organic Marketing Essentials Workbook and enjoy!


We’re ready to help! Schedule a free 30-minute chat with Desiree from Naked Digital to see how we can support your grant application and level up your small business.

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with us to learn more

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