How to redesign your Shopify website for less

With ongoing lockdowns and the continuing growth of eCommerce, more customers are heading online to buy the things they need (as well as the things they just can’t live without!) This is great news for Shopify store owners who are ready and waiting to sell their products online (like you!).

However, is your website ready to take advantage of this tsunami of sales?

For instance, with Shopify’s update to Online Store 2.0, you’ll need to upgrade your themes and apps by the end of the year to take full advantage of all the new features. Are you ready to make the changes needed to take your Shopify store to the next level?

And, when was the last time you reviewed your site design? If you’ve been in business for a while, your site might look a bit dated compared to the newer players in your niche. If your Shopify site is not easy to navigate, you might be seeing lots of interest but no conversions, which will sink your bottom line.

Is it time to redesign and ‘zhoosh’ your Shopify store?

There are a few signs that can point to the need for a Shopify redesign. Obviously, if it’s been a while since you launched your site, you’ll most likely benefit from a redesign, but these factors could also indicate the need for a change:

  • Low conversion rate
  • Change in business focus
  • Accessibility issues


So, it’s time to redesign your Shopify website. But, there’s a catch.

It costs money to engage a professional Shopify website designer to redesign your site. Money that you may not have if your shop isn’t performing as well as it should. On the other hand, if you decide to have a go at DIY design, where do you even begin? And, do you even have time for the trial and error that comes with learning on the fly?

Up until now, you would have been stuck with two impossible choices. Either, somehow coming up with the thousands of dollars needed to pay for a professional redesign. Or, spending time you don’t have, trying to teach yourself how to redesign your Shopify website.

But, now there’s another way you can learn how to redesign your Shopify website for less cost, less time and a whole lot less frustration!

Check out our website design & development services

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by websites anymore.
Whether you’re a product or service based business, we offer a full Shopify and WordPress service. From brand new website builds to upgrading your existing site, we can even host your site for you!

Welcome to Naked Digital’s Shopify Redesign Workshop

Our two-week Shopify Redesign Workshop is the third choice you never thought you had.

Led by our founder and Shopify expert, Desiree Robards, this two-week hands-on workshop gives you access to specialist advice, without the developer price tag. You’ll also develop the skills to be able to dig into your own website and DIY your Shopify site to success, without wasting valuable time and energy along the way.

How it works

Over a series of 4 one-hour Zoom sessions, you’ll learn how a Shopify expert approaches the redesign process so you know where to focus your valuable time to get the best results. Desiree will share Shopify best practices to help you design and implement a high-converting store that will attract your ideal customers and get more of them to buy from you.

In between sessions, you’ll have access to a guided blueprint on Trello which maps out what you need to do, so you’re never left guessing. Together with access to a dedicated Facebook support group, you will be supported across the initial two-week workshop and beyond, helping you stay on top of Shopify into the future.

What you’ll learn

The Shopify Redesign Workshop covers everything you need to know to successfully redesign your Shopify store to attract more customers and boost your bottom line, including:

  • Upgrading to Shopify 2.0
  • Design inspiration
  • Bringing your brand to life
  • Selecting a suitable theme
  • Sitemap and content planning
  • Copywriting to include relevant keywords for SEO
  • Onsite search engine optimisation
  • Essential apps for your store
  • Tools and resources to help you pull it off


Combined with the chance to be mentored by a Shopify expert and partner, the Shopify Redesign Workshop is a practical, cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to spending big bucks on a website developer/designer or spending lots of time flailing about, trying to do it all yourself.

Think about it – In just two weeks, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to redesign your online store that you can be proud of, one that works hard to draw in new customers and keeps you ahead of your competitors. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How you’ll benefit

  1. You’ll learn how to redesign your Shopify website for less, with access to an actual Shopify expert who has designed high-converting sites for these growing brands:


Mabel and Woods

Mabel and Woods


Little Lunch Box Co

Little Lunch Box Co


Every Sunday

Every Sunday 


2. You’ll get access to tools and resources to help you learn how to design a site that not only looks amazing but also works hard to attract and convert your perfect customers.

3. You’ll better understand the power of organic marketing, search engine optimisation and user experience and how you can harness these tools to grow your business.

4. You’ll save time on learning how to DIY your site, so you can get back to running your business, safe in the knowledge that your store is ready for a tsunami of sales.




Redesign your Shopify website for less with Naked Digital

Our Shopify Redesign Workshop is the answer you’ve been searching for, especially if you’re looking to redesign your Shopify site for less. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to hand everything over to a professional, we can help you with that too. We offer a full range of website services, including design and maintenance, to take the load off your shoulders.




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