You CAN fix your website in just 5 days!

Improve organic traffic and conversions with this pre-recorded 5 day website challenge by Naked Digital.

Here’s what the 5 days cover:

Day 1 – It’s Audit Time

We’ll look at your site to review website speed, check for broken links, test if your forms are doing their job and whether your checkout processes are working.

Day 2 – Copy That

We’ll dive into the content on your site to check on search engine optimisation (SEO), keywords, tone of voice, product descriptions and all things copywriting.

Day 3 – Let’s Look At The User

We’ll flip our view to check out the user experience, to see how easy it is to navigate your site, find information, subscribe to your list and buy from you. We’ll take time to really understand who your target audience is and how they’ll interact with you.

Day 4 – Number Crunch Time

We’ll explore the best way to monitor and analyse your website’s performance using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook Pixel (and how to make improvements based on your data).

Day 5 – See It All In Action

We’ll wrap up the week with reviews of 2 real websites (one service-based site and one eCommerce store) so you can see how everything comes together in just 5 days (see, I told you it was possible!).