Optimising Your Website for Organic Marketing

To get the most out of organic marketing, you need to take the time to optimise your website.

Now, for those of you immediately picturing a tech nightmare, take a deep breath – optimisation is not all about the tech! While some aspects of site optimisation may require the assistance of a website developer, a lot comes down to common sense and careful planning.

Optimising your website is all about making your customer’s experience the best it can be. Forget about creating the website of YOUR dreams. Instead, think about how your customers engage with your site and how you can improve their experience. It helps to consider how they:

  • Discover your site
  • Find what they need
  • Access information
  • Ask questions
  • Interact with your site

Optimising your website with your customer in mind will make it easier for them to find you and see that you have the solution to their problem. A fully optimised website increases leads, conversions and sales, helping you get the most from your organic marketing efforts.

So, how can you optimise your site for organic marketing?

Start by checking your website against the 10 point checklist below.

CHECKLIST: Is my website fully optimised for organic marketing?


Did you design your site with the end-user in mind? Use a free service such as Hotjar or a paid service such as TestMate to get objective feedback on the usability of your site.

Easy to navigate

Is your site set up to provide a clear path to action for your customers? Ask a friend to review your website to ensure your customers can easily navigate it and find what they need.

Mobile Responsive

Do you know if your site looks good and works well on various devices? Test your website using a range of devices or use an online resource such as Google Search Console or MobileTest.me.

Quick to load

Is your website quick to load? Use a free online tool such as Google Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix to check site speed and identify areas of improvement.

Easy to read

Has your content been reviewed and proofread? It’s important your copy is easy to read. You can enlist a copywriter for this or use an online tool such as Hemingway.

Contact details

Can your customers easily get in touch with you if they have questions? Ensure your contact details are easy to find, along with social media links, FAQs, reviews and testimonials.

Calls to action

Do your customers know what to do when they come to your site? Make it easy to purchase from you or find more information by including clear calls to action throughout your website.

Email list

Do you have an email list? Offer a value-packed free opt-in to encourage your customers to subscribe to your email list, providing future opportunities to nurture and connect.


Have you used relevant keywords throughout your site? Use keywords in your content, headings, descriptions and metadata to help the right customers find you and your potential solution.


Do you know what’s bringing your customer to your site? Track customer activity, popular pages and conversions by installing Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on your site.

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