Increase organic traffic to your website with these 5 powerful strategies

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we’re all about organic marketing around here. While we have nothing against paid advertising, most small business owners lack the budget to invest enough to make it worthwhile. Let’s face it, if you stop paying, you stop getting clicks – when you look at it like that, it’s not a very sustainable strategy.

On the other hand, organic marketing presents real opportunities to grow your reach without having to spend a cent. By harnessing quality content and leveraging social media, email marketing and your networks, it’s possible to drive a ton of traffic to your site for free. The best bit? The clicks keep coming, even if you take a break from content creation for a while.

We know which approach sounds better to us!

So how can you harness organic marketing to drive more traffic to your site and get the chance to convert those visitors into paying customers? Check out these 5 powerful strategies to get people to take notice and take action.

5 ways to drive organic traffic to your website

Use Pinterest

While you might already pin to personal boards, Pinterest offers businesses a powerful way to drive organic traffic too. With 322 million active users each month, Pinterest is used by many in their purchasing decisions – in 2019, 83% of weekly users utilised Pinterest to help decide what to buy. Whatever your business, Pinterest can help drive traffic back to your website for free.

For product-based businesses, you can use Pinterest to share video tutorials, create image carousels, add product pins and share related content from influencers, followers and other brands. For service business owners, use Pinterest to create checklists, build service-specific boards and share pins that link back to the value-add content sitting on your site, like your blog posts.

BOTTOM LINE: Pinterest is a rich source of organic traffic – grab your business account now!

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups present an opportunity to drive traffic to your business and your website by taking part in conversations to build your profile. Identify groups that could benefit from your business offering and start building your reputation. Add value by helping others in the group – answer questions, share your knowledge and participate in promo and ‘share your business’ days.

Creating your own group is another way to drive more organic traffic to your website and share useful information, inspirational content and ask questions to get people talking. Link your group to your business page and throw in a few direct links to your website. This will help people get to know and like you and eventually build trust in what you offer too.

BOTTOM LINE: Done well, Facebook Groups can help you increase your reach and drive traffic.

Email Marketing

We recently shared the basics of email marketing, which happens to be one of THE most powerful organic marketing strategies out there. Unlike your social media pages and groups (which are owned by the SM giants), your email subscriber list is owned by you, which makes it one of your most valuable business assets. Even a small, engaged list can be a goldmine for your business.

Email marketing lets you start a conversation with your customers, knowing they are already interested in your offering. With an unmatched open rate of 22.86% and click-through rate of 3.71%, an engaging email can drive serious traffic back to your website. Take advantage of this by sending a newsletter, product roundup, list of useful links or sales email to your subscribers.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s time to build your email list and make the most of email marketing.

Stop relying on paid advertising to bring traffic back to your website.

Our handy guide contains actionable tips you can implement so that you don’t have to rely solely on paid advertising. Download the Organic Marketing Essentials Workbook and enjoy!

Instagram Hashtags 

Another way to drive organic traffic to your site is to take advantage of the growing popularity of Instagram. The first step is to create an Instagram strategy for your business so you can get the most from the platform. Then it’s time to identify relevant hashtags you can use to harness its inbuilt search power and get your content in front of people searching for your content. 

How do you then get people from Instagram back to your website? The traditional way is to add a comment to your post directing people to the link in your bio. Now, you can add a clickable link sticker to your story or add text to your image to share your website URL. It’s also possible to set up Instagram action buttons on your profile with a CTA that take people back to your site too.

BOTTOM LINE: Download our hashtag cheat sheet to nail the best hashtags for more reach and get a custom Instagram landing page to allow more than one link in bio.


Networking with others in your industry is another effective way to drive traffic to your website for free. This can be achieved in many ways, for instance, you could be a guest on a video interview or podcast to share your experience with a new audience. Or you could write a guest post for another site, that directs readers back to your website for more information.

You could help someone administer an online group (with your link appearing in your profile) or partner with another brand or thought leader to share related content. Sharing value is the key to collaboration as an organic marketing tool. If your new audience is impressed with what you share or what you know, it’s likely they will follow you and share your content with others too.

BOTTOM LINE: Social partnerships are key to driving organic traffic and increasing your reach.


We make organic marketing easy! There are many ways to harness the power of organic marketing and increase traffic to your site. Want to learn more?

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