How to Drive Organic Traffic Using Pinterest

When you think of Pinterest, you might visualise pictures of birthday cakes, kids craft or home decor. Or boards full of funny memes, uplifting quotes or travel inspiration. Pretty much anything other than your business and your service offerings!

However, Pinterest is far more than a pinboard of inspiration for parents and aspiring interior designers. It’s an untapped source of potential for every business, capable of driving serious traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine for business, whatever your niche or industry. With 322 million active users each month , Pinterest is used by many in their purchasing decisions. In fact, during 2019, 83% of weekly users utilised Pinterest to help decide what to buy.

In addition, 75% of Pinterest users are very interested in discovering new products , compared to 55% on other channels. This makes Pinterest a powerful tool for any business looking to connect with motivated buyers.

Whatever your initial thoughts on Pinterest, it’s time to discover how you can use it to connect
with motivated customers and drive targeted organic traffic to your website.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Set Up Pinterest for Business

First of all, set up a business account to take advantage of Pinterest’s suite of analytics. Tracking pin impressions, total audience and engagements will help you understand what your audience is looking for, in terms of content and topics.

Claim your website to ensure you can easily send users to your website for more information. Your profile picture will show up next to any pins that come from your site and a small globe icon will appear next to your website URL on your profile, helping users find your content.

Know Your Keywords

Despite appearances, Pinterest is not your average social media platform. It’s a sophisticated visual search engine, giving users the opportunity to find content related to any subject. Like Google, it’s important to harness this power so your content can be found by the right people.

Know your keywords and use them strategically. Include relevant keywords in your business name, your profile description, board names and pin descriptions. You can also use hashtags on Pinterest, giving you another opportunity to be found by your target market.

Create and Curate Useful Content

As a visual platform, it’s important your content stands out and tells a story. Content can include product pins, blog post graphics, infographics, video, lead magnets or even gifs. To get the most from Pinterest you need to have a solid content strategy that delivers a consistent message.

To share your message, you can create your own content using Canva or Pic Monkey or by utilising a graphic designer. Don’t forget you can also pin content created by others, allowing you to curate boards that speak to your customers and build your authority and trust.

Pin Consistently

It’s important to be on the platform regularly and add new content on a daily basis. This helps people find your content, build your authority and foster relationships with potential customers. It can be as easy as sharing your latest product or pinning relevant content from other sources.

If time is short, take advantage of the different scheduling tools available so you can pre-load your pins. Tools such as Tailwind or Buffer can be especially useful when planning ahead for seasonal content or aligning your Pinterest strategy with upcoming product launches.

Use Group Boards to Connect With Customers

Pinning your content to group boards is a great way to get your Pinterest profile noticed by a wider audience. You can join existing boards (pay attention to the board guidelines) or you could start up your own, inviting others to join (including existing and potential customers).

Your goal is not to spam group or community boards but to share relevant, useful and timely content that will hopefully be repinned by others. Make sure the pins you share look good, match the topic of the board and offer something to potential customers.

If you’re looking to ramp up your organic marketing with Pinterest, the team at Naked Digital is ready to help. Schedule a free 30-minute chat with Desiree to discover how we could guide you in getting the most out of your organic marketing efforts and reap big rewards.

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