Get the Most From a Collaborative Approach to Organic Marketing

When Naked Digital launched just over a year ago, it began as a team of one. Me. One person with tonnes of experience, lashings of enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to helping fellow small business owners get the most from organic marketing.

While being a solo entrepreneur has its advantages (hello, no staff or workmates!) it also has serious disadvantages (yep, you guessed it, no staff or workmates). As interest in my expertise and my approach to organic marketing increased, it became impossible to successfully do it all as a one-person show.

To continue to grow, I had to rethink my approach to continue to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. That’s why in 2019, I decided to partner with a range of industry specialists to deliver a more collaborative approach to organic marketing.

From website development and copywriting, through to social media marketing and email marketing, Naked Digital now gives you access to a team of specialists through a single point of contact. As a team, we work together to bring your organic marketing strategy to life, delivering expert results with a personal touch. You’ll also rely less on paid advertising which can sometimes only yield short-term results.

Our collaborative team approach

Continuing to work with me as your single point of contact, our collaborative team approach allows you to tap into a hive mind of expertise without having to talk to multiple stakeholders. My team and I work together closely to enhance your organic marketing efforts through website design and development, SEO copywriting, social media strategy and email marketing.

As a team, we draw on our individual strengths to help you reach your digital marketing goals, whatever your requirements. Partnering with industry specialists, I’ve built a team around me who share my passion to help small business owners discover the power of organic marketing. Plus, they add a tonne of value and talent to every project!

Benefits for small business owners

Moving to a collaborative team approach to organic marketing doesn’t only benefit my business – it delivers a whole host of benefits for your small business too.

Simple: our new approach is designed to simplify things for you. Instead of having to deal with a web developer, a copywriter and a marketer, our collaborative team approach means you deal with one person with access to all the specialist help you need in one place.

Affordable: our collaborative team approach gives you access to razor-sharp expertise without the eye-watering marketing agency fees. Accessing specialists only as needed during your project helps reduce costs along the way, delivering extra value for money.

Personal: our new approach allows us to deliver expert advice while still continuing to provide a personal touch. We’re in the unique position of being small enough to monitor your project from start to finish while still being able to deliver big results.

Tap into our collaborative expertise

The team at Naked Digital is ready to help you grow your business through the power of organic marketing. If you’re looking to step up your small business to the next level in 2020, schedule a free 30-minute chat with me to see how we could guide you in getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

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